The Real Facts

Supporters of a Constitutional Convention say that it will result in a bold agenda for New York. Is this true?

It depends on what you mean by “bold agenda.” There would be a good chance that a constitutional convention would be dominated by the most extreme groups in the state, not average hardworking New York taxpayers. And this could result in less protections for our environment, less funding for our public schools, and more of our personal freedoms taken away.

Would a Constitutional Convention cost taxpayers money?

Plenty. In fact, some estimates put the price tag at over $300 million. And there are only two ways to pay for it…either a tax increase, or to take money away from critical services like fire, police, or even our children’s education.

How long would a Constitutional Convention last?

There is no telling, because there is no set time limit. That means the cost of the convention could go up and up without anything even being accomplished.

Are the delegates to the convention paid?

Yes, and paid quite well. In fact, they will receive almost $80,000, which is well above how much the average NY worker makes per year. And you can bet that some of the Albany politicians will make sure they become a delegate to grab the additional money.

But that’s just the beginning. The delegates also get to hire employees, and there is no restriction from them hiring their friends and relatives.

Some have called the Constitutional Convention a “people’s convention.” Isn’t this a way to take governance away from corrupt politicians, special interests and lobbyists?

In reality, a Constitutional Convention is likely to be taken over by the very corrupt politicians, lobbyists and well-funded special interest groups. In other words, a Constitutional Convention is likely to lead to more corruption, more influence by the special interests, and lobbyists making sure their client’s needs are the top priority.

Is there a way to make sure a Constitutional Convention is prevented from happening?

Absolutely. First, you must make sure you show up at the polls this November and vote no. Second, you must educate your family, friends, and co-workers on why to vote no. And third, make sure you sign up at, and join the movement to end corruption in New York, and ensure the corrupt politicians don’t get the Constitutional Convention they want.

Hardworking NY families are voting NO on a Constitutional Convention.
Here are just some of the reasons.

Could mean less funding for public schools.

Could be hijacked by extremist groups who won't protect our environment.

Could empower the same politicians who've already taken advantage of us.